CSF LAB 2017

CSF LAB 2017, a meeting with Sharon Fridman Company.


The CSF LAB is a workshop guided to the investigation of the company’s language, a language based especially on the contact. It is aimed at professional dancers, students and teachers of dance, and lovers of the contact.

The workshop is held in our studio in 15, Conde de Vistahermosa St., and takes five days of intense work in which we have different workshops and activities in order to search into the contact language, using also our repertoire for such research.


Sharon Fridman and the company’s dancers guide the participants in this process of deepening the bases and cornerstones on which our contact discourse revolves, applying practice and experimentation with those tools. In addition to that, the lab has invited guests who explore other areas, our playwright Antonio Ramírez-Stabivo, guides a dramaturgy session focused on interpretation and voice; and Maite Larrañeta performs jam sessions using elements such as sacks, a very interesting activity.


This year we’ve carried out three editions of the CSF LAB and we have to say that sharing this experience has been really satisfying. We are loaded with discoveries, questions, and looking forward to continue. So, after the summer we will return with new calls.

If you haven’t already encouraged yourself to come, in the video you have Joshua Sailo’s testimony -one of the participants of the CSF LAB- to cheer you up.


(Video recorded and edited by Juan Carlos Toledo)