Free fall, Max Award 2015, Best Dance Show

On 18th May, the Company experienced a mind-blowing night. Free fall was nominated to Max Award in three categories: Best Chorography, Best Cast and Best Dance Show. The first two awards went to Rocío Molina and Kukai Dantza respectively… then we feel the hopes falter …  in our wildest dreams we couldn’t imagine that the maximum award would fall into our hands! Then the penultimate envelop of the night was opened and the bailaora Merche Esmeralda uttered the magic words “Free fall”. It was time then to go on stage and to pick up this “fruit” and time to remind all that people that with love, talent and work, they’ve raised it to become what it is today: the Best Dance Show 2015 in Spain.

Many names left unsaid, very tight timing. We’d like to remind them in this post. They are: Antonio Ramírez-Stabivo, Luis Miguel Cobo, Nacho Azagra, Sergio García, Arthur Bernard-Bazin, Carlos Fernández, Melania Olcina, Maite Larrañeta, Léonore Zurflüh, Pau Cólera, Jonathan Foussadier, Alejandro Moya, Ángel Azagra, Juan Bueno, Javier Guzmán, Inbal Ben-Zaken, Esther Bal, Carla Orete, Iñaki Ruiz, Laura Gil, Miramemira, Eva Viera, Ignacio Urrutia, Jesús Ubera, Andrea San Juan, Fani Benages Arts Escèniques, Frans Brood Production, Mercat de les Flors, Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen, Centro Danza Canal, Comunidad de Madrid, Inaem, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Centro Comarcal de Humanidades Cardenal Gonzaga.

And a very special thanks to the choir participants of Madrid, without them we would have been able to conceive the big “landscape” human network of Free fall: Eva Alonso, Manuel Barnuevo, Iago Bernárdez, Jaime Caballero, Tatiana Carel, Gema Cañón, Dakota Comin, Javier Contreras, Isabel García, Julia Garza, Marta Herreros, Nadin Llorente, Elena López, Natalia Meroño, Janet Parra, Esther Rodríguez-Barbero, Mónica Sagrera, Maximiliano Sanford, Silvina Socolovsky, Sara Sánchez, Tania Garrido, Ana Teresa de la Torre, Mª Cruz Planchuelo, Nadia Rosique, Rocío Pérez, Gema Muñoz, Josefina Cuadrado, Iris González, Violeta Bourrel and Andrea Esperanza Bona.

A huge THANKS as well to the hundreds of participants who have formed the choir in the following locations: Torino (Interplay), Roma (Romaeuropa), Zagreb (Dance Week), Terschelling (Oerol), Bassano del Grappa (Opera Estate), Helsinki (House of Dance association), Barcelona (Mercat de les Flors), Ludwigshafen (Theater im Pfalzbau) and Murcia (Centro Párraga). And each and every one of the theaters, festivals, stages that have hosted and will host the piece this season, relying on our work.

The next show will be on June 6th at Gran Teatro FallaCádiz en Danza Festival, en el Gran Teatro Falla. With Max still chilly, and at this beautiful stage, it will be certainly a very special show.

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