We’ve spent several days deciphering a valley, finding paths to access its deepest areas, discovering ways to see it from above, understanding the muscular tone needed to climb up to its summits or to penetrate its hollows, to remain standing amongst the haze in the windy days or to allow the sun to caress us in the warm mornings. A body appearing far away, silhouetted against the sky, is only a little arrow tensing itself, a brief line that works as a referent for all other things preceding it.

During this time, we have created together, more than fifty human beings, a sort of cartography made of routes, paths through the valley, and the valley has taught us to read the movement of the bodies and the relationships between them at their crests and cavities.
Our desire now is to make this knowledge grow exponentially, to get ready for our meeting with the audience so that these fifty bodies become five hundred; five hundred people inhabiting an instant, deciphering together a valley, composing the map of a community which gathers in the twilight to learn to self-contemplate.

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