Make the sun come up for NIDO/Rizoma 2016 on Oerol!

Today is May the 10th 2016. Just one month left until the 35º Oerol Festival edition starts. We are glad to announce that ‘NIDO/Rizoma 2016′ is the opening show of the Festival.

‘Rizoma’ has been performed before in big cities, small towns, under monuments, next to mausoleums… Now on Terschelling the piece will be danced in raw nature for the first time, we face then a world premiere, with a new choreography, new artistic approaches, new messages. You already know: ‘Rizoma’ is constantly growing, is a mutable piece, alive.

The secluded valley of Arjens’ Dune will be the meeting place where performers, audience and artists come together. Together they will form a single unit, using their voices, their bodies, the sunlight, the wind, the surroundings and their personal nuances. No better place for that than the beautiful island of Terschelling.

It is a long cherished desire of artistic festival director Kees Lesuis to present this special production on Oerol. NIDO/Rizoma 2016 is a breath taking tribute to the dune landscape of Terschelling at sunrise. From ecological principles, Sharon Fridman and his company celebrate the relationship between man and landscape in a particular dance and movement performance. Dancers and audience will similarly contribute to this experience. To be seen in this form only on Oerol.”

‘NIDO/Rizoma 2016′ is a unique and comprehensive project. And, therefore also costly: dance training, rehearsal rooms, a backstage tent, costumes and decor need to be realized. You can help by making a contribution to do so. Join us through a donation and become a part of this sustainable artistic project. Find out how to contribute and what to get in return here:

Thanks for trust in us and making possible what we love to do most: spreading dance deep inside the people.

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