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We swoop down / Caída libre Tour dates

Mark these dates, the falling begins soon. We present the Spring-Summer-Fall tour of our new production Caída libre (Fress fall) in different stages of Europe:

> May 17: Centro Comarcal de Humanidades Cardenal Gonzaga, La Cabrera, Madrid More info
> May 21: Festival Interplay 2014, Turin, Italy More info
> June 4: Dance Week Festival, Zagreb, Croatia More info
> June 13 to 22: Oerol Festival, Terschelling Island, Netherlands More info
> October 23 to 26: Mercat de les Flors (coproducer), Barcelona More info
> Novembre 4: Romaeuropa Festival, Roma More info

Another dates are coming soon and with them some good news too.

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