RIZOMA 2016: NIDO. Terschelling Island.

Once again, we find ourselves in the previous moments, at the preamble, looking over the maps, tempering expectations, easing the mental noises…A state of stillness pierced by an attraction of the abyss which will soon absorb us.

Nido, this is the name we have given to our new Rizoma on the island of Terschelling, The Netherlands. A rhizomatic nest where artists and spectators will live, both human nature. A little nest in the immensity of the Earth, attentive to the synchronicity with the powers of nature.

It is the first time that Rizoma takes place on a valley, far away from the neurotic pavements and the schizophrenic cities. We return to the beginning, to the grass, to the earth, the birds, the forgotten skins and the honest bodies. Listen, to how the water leaves the backwater behind for its plunge into the cascade.

From June the 11th until the 19th you will be able to live this experience with us at Oerol Fest 2016

RIZOMA is the most compromised company project when it comes to the expansion of dance and its implication with society.

This composition explores the phenomenon of birth from a global perspective, turning the/our attention towards the essential processes given in nature, listening to our most immediate place in it, without any pretension of control or domination, using natural tools at its core: bodies, voice, wind, sunlight…

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