Starting the day together, walking, in a straight line, diagonally or in a circle. Adapting the soles of the feet to the irregularity of this land. Getting used to it. Gazing up, to the horizon, and discovering the sun tearing the sky behind a hill and a line of tiny bodies, silhouetted far away: for a moment, we see it as our own reflection. The feet of the person walking in front, setting a rythm, and his footprints in the sand of the dunes. The faces of the people when they are close and the breath of those who pass by, descending into the lowest point of the valley, and then, suddenly, a NEST. We create it all together, holding hands, and there is a subtle rocking, a net that expands covering the landscape, five hundred bodies, intertwined. Some of them exchange glances; they smile, or look for someone who ended up at the opposite extreme of the composition. There are others that feel a knot releasing, tears burst, and some of them just look at the earth, maybe thinking… After all, we have the whole day ahead of us.

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