Oerol Festival in Terschelling, The Netherlands, has started today. From now on, we will be surrounded by a constant stream of bikes. People of all ages cross the island to attend a variety of artistic events that sculpt the landscape. This morning, at dawn, around 400 people have woken up to come to the valley and gather around our NIDO (nest), a space for shelter. By walking with us, they have all helped us expand this nest giving sense to the work we have been developing during the last months. Today, we have incubated together the first eggs, and some of the offspring have already spread their wings. Many more dawns have yet to come and we feel more than happy: our NIDO (nest) does not finish in this island because once the festival is over, when we are about to leave, we’ll gaze up to discover a sky full of birds, all together, flying with the wind.

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