We celebrate the summer solstice with BARRO

Next June 22nd we will be at Conde Duque Cultural Center with this multidisciplinary proposal within the program Solsticio en Conde Duque.


BARRO is a living material in which several artistic disciplines converge. The pictorial work of several artists who, during the 80′s decade roused the standards of art, is the starting point of this event. We conceive this project as a tribute to the effervescent creative processes in which the creator engages his whole being, gets into the mud, with his will to find meaning, shape, light, understanding, consciousness.

Dance sets up the territory where contact develops among a vocal forest led by playwright Antonio Ramírez-Stabivo, who will guide -in a meticulous work of voice and interpretation- the participants of this forest. On this landscape different artistic movements are taken place: live drawing by Marcus Carus, music by Idan Shimoni and Luis Miguel Cobo, and Ofer Smilansky video art. And there, boundaries vanish with complicity, bodies fell the distance that separates them from the mud and silhouettes flirt with their mortality.

BARRO, malleable, brief, ready for emerging, ready for constant transformation.


Next 22nd of June you can enjoy BARRO in a double program, at 10:30pm and at 11.30pm.

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