'Dose of Paradise' already has date and place of premiere

March 2020 is the definitive date on which the premiere of Sharon Fridman’s new creation ‘Dose of Paradise’ will see the light before the audience attending the dFERIA Performing Arts Fair. After this important event, the entire team made up of Ofer Smilansky, Iñaki Ruiz, Melania Olcina, María Dueñas and Sharon Fridman will embark on a tour to bring this work to the most significant stages and festivals in Spain in the spring of 2020. Dose of Paradise’ is a co-production of the Auditorio de Tenerife and is supported by the creation of the Teatro Francisco Rabal – Ayuntamiento de Pinto.

‘Pure virtuosity. Fridman has created a firm combination of series of high intensity movements intermingled with body dialogues. The design of the lighting and its influence on the choreography and music stand out, as if it were the third pillar of the work. A pleasant and special work, with a magnificent representation with moments of emotion and magic.’ Ora Brafman

First stop of the year: Molfetta, Italy, Winter Dance Convention

The Winter Dance Convention is a professional event held in Molfetta (Bari) which, since 2002, has brought together the great international figures of Dance every year around a complete programme of training, conferences, competitions, etc. Sharon Fridman will be present in this 18th edition as a member of the professional jury of the third Dance Contest Winter Dance Convention, and as a guest artist to give a masterclass to the participants in the event.

We started an exciting project for the Vertigo Company

Within the framework of the inclusive Power of Balance program and on behalf of the Israeli company Vertigo, we are undertaking a new creation with 11 interpreters with functional diversity. During the next three months Sharon Fridman will explore with this cast -in the Ecological Art Village installations- the creation of a particular universe through contact and with the sole objective of advancing, of walking the path through which the lives of these interpreters pass, of different capacities, and starting from their genuine singularity, stripped of the devices that support them, such as wheelchairs or crutches.

The premiere of this creation will take place in June 2020 during the Israel Multidisciplinary Art Festival, and will feature original music by composer Noah Halpern and costume design by MIZO by Inbal Ben Zaken. All the ingredients are ready to start working on this exciting project.

Next CSF Lab, March 2020

We already have dates for the first CSF Lab in 2020. It will be held on March 13, 14 and 15, from Friday to Sunday.
For more information you can visit the page of CSF Lab.