After 3 months of lockdown where I thought a lot and regained my strength, I am now ready to face this new phase.

A new reality with individual responsibility where it is essential to pay attention to what is happening around us.

A reality that forces me to think about everything that I will have to take into account in these times and ask myself every day how I can adapt to the circumstances.

Here are all the activities and projects planned for this summer while adapting to this new normality.

Shape on Us (¡Vaya cuerpos!)

In September, we will launch at the Israel Festival Shape on Us, Sharon Fridman’s new creation for the Vertigo Power of Balance projec by Vertigo Dance Company, which will also be performed at Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv.

It is a functionally diverse piece in which 10 people with unique and singular bodies create a universe where each one can evolve in their own way.

With Shape on Us (¡Vaya cuerpos!) we want to offer the audience the opportunity to contemplate how other body types move in a more inclusive way.

“Shape on Us offers a reversal of conventional conditions that tend to enforce a formal pattern on the body perceived as ‘other’ in order to normalize it, for the purpose of expanding and deepening the diverse possibilities within ourselves – the way we touch, think and observe –  and creating a collective body consciousness that is whole, inclusive and better suited for any person”  (Suslik, 2020).

For more information, click here.

Adama intensive

In September I will teach a technical workshop in Sderot, Israel. For 4 days the participants will learn about the INA technique as an improvisation and choreography tool.

This workshop will also be a selection process for the new Adama Company show which will launch next season.

For more information, click here.

Dose of Paradise

Finally and back in Spain, on 17th, 18th and 19th September, the official premiere of Dose of Paradise will take place at the Naves de Matadero, Madrid. Further information on the launch and the show will be available soon.

Dose of Paradise an exploration of love and relationships, featuring an interplay with new technologies in a search for emotional spaces: “It is a brilliant dialogue between two dancers, who unite, one stuck to the other, for most of the performance remaining in the same position on a small, one-square-meter surface. It is a ‘contact’ piece, according to the definition, although it pushes the boundaries of this genre”, stated Ora Brafman.


Without a doubt, we have a very intense season ahead of us, but I am looking forward to sharing everything with you and I hope that together we can give this new reality a new meaning.