When September arrives, we return to routine and a new life cycle begins. This year, though, that new beginning is full of uncertainty due to the situation we are experiencing, and we cannot help but to ask ourselves what will happen in the coming months.

Although we do not have the answer for that question, the Sharon Fridman company keeps working to ensure that culture can be enjoyed despite of the situation. For this reason, September will be full of on-site and virtual premieres. We want to feel your warmth and presence. We want to make sure that, whatever the situation we have to face, culture is present in our lives —because culture is the engine that keep us moving forward as a society.

Shape On Us: By your side, wherever you are

On September 8 and 9, the play Shape On Us will premiere in Jerusalem as part of the Israel Festival. In order to ensure you can join us, and in order to feel your warmth wherever you are, the premiere will be broadcast live on the festival’s website.

Shape On Us is a functionally diverse play where 10 people with unique and unusual bodies, and devoid of the elements that help them in their day to day, become an organism that takes new forms upon entering in contact with the other participants, thus creating new universes.

With this piece of work, we want to offer the audience the opportunity to contemplate in a more inclusive way the movements of a body that seems different at first sight. As they move, sometimes involuntarily and sometimes deliberately, a choreography is traced, inviting us to reflect on what we consider natural or unusual.

“Shape on Us offers a reversal of conventional conditions that tend to enforce a formal pattern on the body perceived as ‘other’ in order to normalize it, for the purpose of expanding and deepening the diverse possibilities within ourselves – the way we touch, think and observe –  and creating a collective body consciousness that is whole, inclusive and better suited for any person”. (Suslik, 2020)


If you would like to join us, click here.

See you there!

A Dose of Paradise in Madrid

Madrid will enjoy a Dose of Paradise during the premiere that will take place at las Naves del Matadero from September 17 to 19.

Dose of Paradise is the company’s most recent production and arises from the need to portray on a stage love and the relationship between two people through a dialogue with new technologies —finding new subjective, emotional and internal spaces to immerse oneself in the complexity of this matter.

Repetition is key in this piece of work. It represents the transformation of a state developed within a cycle. Movement in a relationship, which originates from a need, demands a response from the other person. By repeating an action or gesture, we consolidate a path, and only by pushing that movement to the limit is it possible to split roads towards a new space.

“It is a brilliant dialogue between two dancers, who unite, one stuck to the other, for most of the performance remaining in the same position on a small, one-square-meter surface. It is a ‘contact’ piece, according to the definition, although it pushes the boundaries of this genre”, stated Ora Brafman.

Tickets for the premiere can be purchased on Matadero Madrid’s website. We are already thinking of alternatives, in the event that the premiere cannot take place due to the circumstances.

Dose of Paradise will be also rehearsed at the Danza Xixón festival on October 21 and November 15 at Danza Valencia. Tickets for both performances will be on sale very soon.

We are looking forward to seeing you!