Our Europe has blossomed on the stage of the Naves del Español in Madrid. And we have been given such beautiful words like these:

“Sharon Fridman and Luis Luque’s new show recreates the myth in a free and conceptual, exquisite and sophisticated version…”


“Europa is a praise of beauty, absolute dominator of the scene, to become from it a thoughtful performance, in which there is room for sadness, loneliness, violence, loss or solidarity.”


“…A harmonious and rupturist dance at the same time with a striking mise en scène, with an original but tempered result, avant-garde yet serene, balanced, attractive.”


“An impeccable polish.”


What else? After Europe, this month we premiered Hasta cuándo? at Teatro Parco Magnolia Abano in Italy, went up to Theatre Bielefeld for the last performance of Jerusalem and immersed ourselves in the creative process of Go Figure and Between Heaven and Earth.

To be continued…

How far Hasta cuándo?

JUNE 16th

Abano Danza Festival, Italy

We premiere Hasta cuándo in Italy. An evolution of our show Hasta dónde, which we have presented in hundreds of performances since it saw the light at the Autumn Festival in 2011.

“A waltz appears, it brings us closer, a bridge emerges between us, a possibility…”.