Spring/Summer Tour: Dosis de Paraíso (Dosis of Paradise)

A series of movesfeaturing a dual unity, without any dominant gender, without a man who must liftthe woman’s body, are an example of the satisfying power of having been illuminated by the ray of love. The embrace has been a strike, laugh, sex, caress; it has been deformed with the stress of variable dynamics motivated by repetition. Sharon Fridman’s yielding to gravity does not upset his balance. On the contrary, it generates openness, anchoring, flight, in a vibrant emotional creation that permits peace in the turbulence of the shadows. –Cintia Borges,Red escénica 2021

The DOSE OF PARADISE tour is still on the move and, this month, together with its excerpt 147 ABRAZOS (147 EMBRACES), which arose from the need to address love and the relationship between two people, it has been featured at different festivals and cities across Spain, including theXI Circuito de Danza Contemporánea. Barakaldo; 36º Festival Madrid en Danza. Madrid; Danza a escena 2021. Santiago de Compostela; Festival de artes y movimiento. Tenerife; Festival Cádiz en danza. Cádiz.

In addition, DOSE OF PARADISE received five nominations for the Max 2021 awards in the following categories:

  • Best Dance Show: Sharon Fridman Co.
  • Best Choreography: Sharon Fridman
  • Best Female Performer: Melania Olcina
  • Best Male Performer: Arthur Bernard Bazin
  • Best Lighting Design: Sharon Fridman and OferSmilansky


Oedipus sleeps, until he wakes up upon hearing the voice of a strange figure; a man who, concealed under a metal helmet, begins to tell him about a monster, a city and a reward. Oedipus, leery, rejects the mysterious figure’s invitation, but he insists until Oedipus deviates from his path, confronts the monster and, having become king, ends up entering the city of Thebes.

This new Paco Becerra production of Oedipus, Through the Flames is a joint production by the International Festival of Mérida, Pentación and the Teatro Español. Under the direction of Luis Luque, Sharon Fridman was charged with the choreography of the theatrical production.

The creative process is already underway, and audiences will be able to enjoy the premiere on August 11 at the Mérida Festival. In addition to the premiere, the production will visit Festival Sagunto a Escena and it will form part of the season at the Teatro Español (theater) in Madrid from September 8 to October 31, 2021.


We look forward to seeing you!

INA PRACTICE – Sharon Fridman Studio

Tel Aviv

INA focuses its attention on the area of the body that is given to the other, or to the space that surrounds it. INA has a clear attitude regarding the surface used or offered. INA controls every movement and, at the same time, seeks freedom through corporeal knots. INA is sensitive to touch. INA is my mother and my way of understanding the body’s movements.

On August 20 and 21 Sharon Fridman will be teaching INA in Tel Aviv, Israel.

At this experience we will learn about and explore Sharon’s way of making contact with INA through exercises that will become improvisational and creative tools. The workshop is aimed at professional dancers and people with contact experience.

For more information and to register:



  • Shape On Us, created for the Vertigo dance company through the Power of Balancecenter in Israel, will continue touring during the month of September 2021, visiting different cities in the country.
  • Dose of Paradise continues to tour during the Fall/Winter season 2021-2022
  • Pre-premiere of a new joint production with Madrid’s Teatros del Canal (theaters) for the 2022 season, slated for October 2021.