Winter 2020 will be marked by coronavirus and the transformation process we are all witnessing. Over the next few months we are going to represent some of our pieces, but we will also premiere new projects created throughout these times. Find out more below.

Performances planned for winter 2020

Dose of Paradise

On 15th November Dose of Paradise finished the cycle Valencia enDansa which has been a very special edition of the festival. Personally, this has been a marvellous opportunity for Sharon to continue growing and he would like to thank the organisation for all their effort in carrying it forward.

All my input

Arthur Bernard Bazin and Sharon Fridman come together again to celebrate 10 years of success of Hasta donde…? with a new piece. This new creation is based on a new format for those who want to learn more about the technique and creative process.

Discover this new show on 20th November at Francisco Rabal Theatre (Pinto – Madrid).


Shape on us

This piece was released in September in Israel and has been created for the Vertigo Company in Israel. It will be shown again from 3rd to 6th December during the international Exposure Festival organised by the Suzanne DellalCenter for Dance and Theatre.


New creations

As you can see, we are not only going back to basics little by little, we are also working on a new creative processes, so the next few months will be full of new projects. Read more here:

All my input

This is the newest creation by Sharon Fridmanto celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hasta donde…?alongside Arthur Bernard Bazin.Both artists explore again their language based on contact.

In Hasta donde…? Sharon and Bernard began to specify their language known as point counterpoint, each one from their point of view: for Bernard they were specific body points, related to acupuncture, alluding to an acupoint responsible for a concatenation of body repercussions. For Sharon, a point here or there, driven by his desire and obsession to control and maintain the point of contact to explore all his possibilities. Now, both artists share the technique with All my input, exploring their coexistence with practice and reflecting on the connections between life and the piece.

This project has been developed in the last months that have been highly affected by the Coronavirus crisis. Therefore, instead of working at the studio, the creative process has had to be adapted and took place in their living rooms. This has made the process more intimate and personal. For this reason, Sharon Fridman wants to invite the public to meet and share an intimate and personal space with this piece in order to witness the live the construction of a creative process built between reality and fiction.

As already mentioned, this new piece will be launched on 20th November at the Francisco Rabal Theatre (Pinto – Madrid).



New production by Matadero Madrid inspired by the Marat/Sade play by Peter Weiss which, on this occasion, will be directed by Luis Luque Cabrera and for which Sharon will create the choreography where the famous Charenton asylum will be represented.

This is a highly emotional piece as it will be the first time that Sharon will have to face the challenge of creating a choreography for theatre and he will also be able to relive the years when he volunteered at the mental health hospital in Hanna, Israel, where everything started.

The creative process has already begun and will be premiered on 13th January 2021.


Adama on Fire

New assignment from the ADAMA company, Israel, for Sharon Fridman. The creative process will begin with some initial research to look for the pillars on which this new piece will be sustained.

Something very important to keep in mind is that it will be located on the border between Israel and Gaza. During the representation, six Israeli dancers will reflect on their identity: they are Israelis, they are Arabs, but above all, they are men and women.

This new piece will be released in Israel in spring 2021.


Let’s take advantage of this transition time and join forces to reconnect with each other and with mother nature. Together we can have a better world!