To whom it may concern (march 2023):

I think that to move is to fall and, in the flight of that fall, to offer something that transcends the passage of time. With this spirit, we commence a new stage as a company. A time in which we draw on the body to convey all the beauty and chaos of the world, interconnection beyond geography and borders, and the spanning of diverse realities. Jerusalem at the Bielefeld Theater in Germany. Europa at the Naves de Matadero events facility (Madrid). Berro with the Nova Galega de Danza dance company. And more. Let´s get started:

The premiere of Jerusalem at the Bielefeld Theater (Germany) -
March 25

“Your stains cannot be washed, Jerusalem, but let me comfort you” Eleven dancers share an orbiting sphere. On this carousel – a transcript of cosmic mobility – different landscapes and organisms take shape, ranging in recognizability. A slow, deliberate movement, of surgical precision, arises, as if the bodies on stage were handling explosive devices.

In progress: the creation of Berro, along with the Nova Galega
de Danza dance company

We are immersed in the process of creating Berro, a piece that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Galician company and that we will premiere in September. Tradition, roots and modernity.

Europa, a work by Sharon Fridman and Luis Luque

Europa utilizes the ancient traditional dances of the people of Israel to generate a plasticity full of symbolism and beauty. A creation by Sharon Fridman and Luis Luque, from May 24 to June 4 at the Naves del Español at the Matadero events facility (Madrid).